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Baroness Relief Auction

Hi everyone. It’s time to do that thing white people do — “spread awareness” for a cause. In this case, however, the cause is the continuation of some of the most innovative music in existence today. As you may know, Baroness suffered a traumatic bus crash last winter. While they’re recovering well (and returning to the stage for Bonnaroo this summer), they’ve got medical bills upon medical bills. Several prominent members of the metal community (including Relapse Records, Kylesa, Neurosis, Season of Mist Records, and Meshuggah) are organizing a benefit auction for the band, to alleviate some of those bills. Please check it out, and perhaps consider making a donation or bidding for an item — some of the items up for auction are incredible - There’s a cymbal signed by all of Meshuggah, and a limited-release copy of Kylesa’s “Spiral Shadow” signed by the band. Additionally, you can bid for a year long subscription to every record put out by Relapse in 2013, delivered to you on CLEAR VINYL! How great is that? Check out the facebook page for Baroness Relief, via the link above.